A Tale of Two Cities (1935)


A pair of lookalikes, one a former French aristocrat and the other an alcoholic English lawyer, fall in love with the same woman amongst the turmoil of the French Revolution.

Avec:Ronald Colman, Elizabeth Allan, Edna May Oliver, Reginald Owen
Fabriqué en:USA
Réalisateur:Jack Conway, Robert Z. Leonard
Évaluation:NOT RATED
Durée: 128 min
Écrivain:Charles Dickens (novel), W.P. Lipscomb (screen play), S.N. Behrman (screen play), Thomas Carlyle (bibliography "The French Revolution"), M. Cléry (bibliography "Journal of the Temple"), Mademoiselle des Écherolles (bibliography "The Memoirs"), M. Nicholas (bibliography "The Memoirs")

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